Quality Control

Plywood quality management is an essential management link for plywood factory enterprises to implement lean production. To do a good job in plywood quality management, on the whole, the factors that affect the quality of plywood products can be divided into human, plywood machinery and equipment, materials, technology, measurement methods, environmental factors, etc.

The function and processing accuracy of plywood machinery and equipment, the rationality of product technology, the scientificity and feasibility of measurement methods, and environmental factors will all affect the final plywood quality of products, and the plywood quality of materials is the direct factor affecting the plywood quality of products, but these factors must act on the plywood quality of products through the “human” factor Form.

Therefore, the human factor is the key factor of plywood quality control. People are the most active elements in enterprises, and also one of the most direct factors affecting the quality of plywood products. And the people in the enterprise can be roughly divided into managers and employees, who have a great impact on the quality of plywood products.

It can be seen that the human factor is also the most difficult part of plywood quality management. In order to effectively manage the plywood quality of manufacturing enterprises and ensure the quality of plywood products, we must do a good job in the plywood quality management of “people”.

The industry has team of well qualified managers and highly experienced employees. The health of all machinery has been maintained properly with the help of continual inspection and maintenance.

Each plywood plant has resident quality control personnel to help ensure that the finished panel will meet the requirements stipulated in the manufacturing standards.  Veneer thickness, moisture control for veneer drying, panel grading, and glue bonding are examples of stages of manufacture that are continuously monitored in quality control. Continual monitoring of inner ply grade, surface ply grade, panel thickness, panel dimensions, panel marking, workmanship, and glue bond strength has been done to ensure that the plywood will meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable manufacturing standard.

The industry has 1000 lph water treatment plant which includes coagulation tank, pressure sand filter, activated carbon filter , softener and RO unit. This plant is being used to supply DM water to boiler for generating steam. Because of DM water, steam is being generating in proper and homogeneous quantity so that the temperature of platen of hydraulic hot press should be constant. This is being used to increase the bonding property of plywood.

We are having well equipped laboratory for estimation of quality of plywood, quality of Drinking water and quality of boiler feed water. Boiler feed water is being tested regularly to ensure the proper working of boiler.  Our all products (Plywood, Block Board and Flush door) have been dispatched after confirmation of quality as per the norms. 

We are supplying laboratory tested drinking water to our employees to ensure their good health so that they will have available on work place with proper enthusiasm.